About Us

Reindeer Forest Tree Farms has been raising and selling beautiful, healthy Christmas trees since 1987. We plant, nurture, select and deliver the quality Christmas trees our clients deserve.

Fresh, healthy, beautiful trees are our trademark … quality is non-negotiable. We hand-select our trees for their shape, color and health. Our trees are typically delivered within 48 hours of being cut. If a tree doesn’t meet our high standards, it will not leave our farm. We only grow Noble Fir and Douglas Fir trees because their shape, scent, and lush appearance make every Christmas memorable.

Beautiful, fresh trees are guaranteed, however, our service is what keeps our clients loyal and sets us apart from other Christmas tree purveyors. Retail tree lots, chain stores, charities, and schools have selected Reindeer Forest Tree Farms for their holiday sales year-after-year.

We have over 150,000 trees growing on our 100-acre farm in Oregon. This private forest enables us to supply our customers with as many trees as they initially need, and provide additional quantities if necessary.

See Our Process In Action

Reindeer Forest Tree Farms

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